International Union Of Property Owners
Union Internationale de la Propriete Immobiliere - UIPI
Mr. Stratos Paradias is the President of U.I.P.I. which is the only paneuropean body, internationally representing millions of property owners of all kinds of real estate property, all over Europe.

For lmost a century, UIPI has ensured the solidarity of European property owners organizations, the cooperation and the continuous flow of information among them. U.I.P.I. also assists its members when asked, in their national level battles.

U.I.P.I. focuses its efforts at the direction of European Union, European Parliament and European Council authorities, to influence current directives and legislation concerning real estate property.

U.I.P.I. is also trying to influence authorities and public opinion of Europe, towards the rental market deregulation, real estate property reprivatization and the value and significance of property rights as true human rights of utmost importance for the citizens of Europe.