Hellenic Property Federation
Mr. Stratos Paradias is the founder and President of Hellenic Property Federation (POMIDA) which is the national organization of private property owners of Greece.

POMIDA was founded in Athens on 1983, and it represents and defends the interests of all house and real estate property owners of the country and of all Greeks living abroad.

Almost 40 associations from the whole country are members of Hellenic Property Federation which is member of the International Union of Property Owners (Union Internationale de la Propriete Immobiliere - UIPI).

During the many years of action and important successes, POMIDA had always a moderate approach in the social subjects related to property possession, exploitation and taxation, continuous and effective action, mobilisation of property owners all over the country and more than two decades of annual panhellenic and international congresses. The greatest achievement of POMIDA and Mr. Paradias personally was the progressive and successful abolition of the disastrous rent control in both residential and commercial rentals in Greece, in favor of free market principles and function.