Professional Specialization
• Transactions on real estate property
Our Law Office has dealt systematically with all kinds of real estate property transactions, purchases or sales of land, building grounds, houses, shops, offices, office buildings, commercial and residential centres, hotel units etc.
• Rental contracts
The models of rental contracts that have been developed by this Law Office, have prevailed completely in the rental transactions all over the country. Our customers both landlords and tenants, have let with our legal support, a great number of residences, offices and shops but also buildings of special uses as hotels, clinics, garage buildings, fast food restaurants, supermarkets etc.
• Real estate development contracts
We have represented numerous land-owners but also building constructing companies in contracts for new buildins construction or real estate development, intervening in all legal subjects, but also on the substance of the deals, with the assistance of special collaborators, such as civil engineers and architects.
• Rental disputes
Primary occupation of our Law Office is the settlement of disputes between landlords and tenants, mostly in a friendly way. The prestige of our Office is the main reason of the successful settlement of most of these disputes. Nevertheless, the lawyers of our Law Office have successfully participated during the last decades in a huge number of rental cases trials and have contributed in the jurisprudence of the Hellenic Courts.
• Compensation for expropriation of real estate properties
Our Law Office has been involved in a great number of cases for compensations of expropriated land and immovable properties in a lot of areas of Attica in which many public or Olympic Games projects required a lot of expropriated land, and in each stage of legal process, from the determination of provisional and final price of unit of compensation, and the court recognition of beneficiaries, up to the collection of the compensation.
• Other immovable property subjects
Our office has handled a great number of cases concerning other problems such as taxation, city planning, historical buildings, disputes among property co-owners etc.
• International protection of property rights
Our office is watching permanently the developments of case law of the European Court of Human Rights on issues regarding the protection of property rights and has handled a number of relevant cases.